Service Packages

Our agency provides all types of services necessary for the successful launch of the brand. These are naming, custom logo design, corporate identity development, website creation and much more. For your convenience and savings, we have prepared several packages. They were based on an analysis of the most popular services that are often ordered together. Packages will help you to understand that from the range of our agency is the most necessary and popular. Choose the package of services that suits you.

“MIN” and “MID” packages include everything you need for a quick start of your business: this is the development of a single corporate identity, which can later be easily supplemented or adapted for new tasks. By choosing the MAX and VIP packages you get everything you need for immediate success in the market. “VIP” -package includes full branding, from the logo to the creation of the finished website of your company. Also, the purchase of a package of services is much more profitable than the order of each of them separately.